Iran has just resumed its nuclear program in defiance of warnings from the international community. In my view the Iranian regime seems to be counting on the fact that U.S is currently "bogged down" in Iraq. With the recent comments made by Ahmedinejad about wiping Israel off the map, which is basically a declaration of war and direct threat against Israel, the international community would be falling very short if it was to ignore such comments. Granted, I am sure Israel is on standby and may probably launch a pre-emptive strike, but they cannot possibly do this alone without facing more threats from other Arab nations. The U.S and EU seem to be aware of the issues at hand, but Russia and China seem too concerned with their energy interests to pressure Iran and may veto any Security Council resolution. Short of calling off their nuclear program I believe a miltary action from the UN is required.
Anyone who doubts that the Third and I believe final world war will begin and end in the Middle East should watch events closely. Everything is just rolling down to a huge conflict. If Israel attacks Iran, I think Russia will then attack Israel and this amy set off major events.


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