So, Samuel Alito's confirmation hearings begun today and the battle lines are already being drawn between the right and the left. While watching the confirmation hearings and watching the other preceding events and partisan ad's one may be wondering why abortion is still such a hot, central topic so many years after Roe Vs. Wade. For those on the left who may think that the topic of abortion will ever stop being a hot topic, and who hope it will ever stop being challenged, they better realize that it will never. Why will it never stop generating heat? Simply because as moral beings with consciences, abortion can never simply be accepted without a second thought. The facts are that about as many, if not more people have been killed through abortion(since Roe V.Wade) as were killed in the whole of World War II. A form of Naziism has also crept(not suprisingly) into abortions in that over 80% of children who "may" be born with Down Sydrome are now being aborted because their lives are being probably not seen as of worth. I am glad this issue is still being debated hotly in the hearings and that as moral beings we will never tire from opposing ideas that are dangerous to human life, even those lives deemed by some as worthless and disabled.


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