Pat Robertson this past week made comments on "former" Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's current situation and has been roundly condemned and slammed by everyone from of-course the left to the Christian righ(though not all.) Granted I don't think Robertson'e comments may have been worded correctly but any honest biblical scholar can't just dismiss his comments off-hand. I believe those on the Christian right like Ted Haggard who didnt hesitate to totally dismiss his comments are not being entirely honest and are just trying to play to mainstream America and be politically correct. It's jsut a sad trend that has swamped Western Christendom where we are too afraid to offend others even in the slightest. We are too afraid of speaking of our beliefs and thus do not want to be seen to even remotely support views of those such as PAt Robertson.
I don't always agree with Pat especially on the Hugo Chavez's comments, but I by trying to always please everyone we end up pleasing no one. At times the hard truth has to be told and totally condemning Robertson's remarks doesn't really make anyone like us any better.


  1. Unfortunately for Pat, he doesn't seem to think that passages like Eph 4:15 (Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ) apply to him.

  2. I don't listen to anything pat robertson says. I loved 007 (that programme that used to come in Kenya) until the day i heard him supporting bush and asking people to vote for him if they want to do the christian thing. That was very very bad in my eyes, and I can't trust anything else that comes out of his mouth

  3. Whatever these left- to right- winged Christian leaders think of Pat Robertson's comments and views, even if they disagree, they need to first consider that above all, he is a brother in the faith .. there has to be a better way of dealing with the situation - speaking out in public against your brother isnt necessarily the best way to go about it ....


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