Believe me, this was a shock to me last night. I have decided to boycott this film. I would never have imagined it. The thing that bother's me isn't that Chad Allen is gay, it is that he was on Larry King Live openly advocating for gay marriage and not accepting his sin, or repenting of it. I won't go around telling people to boycott this film, but there is no way I can endorse this film right now. I am still reeling from this. I am glad I watched Larry King last night for I would never have guessed that a Christian themed movie would have an openly gay activist as its principle chracter. I would suggest we all use a conscious descision whether or not to watch "end of the Spear."

This is a site with more info.


  1. I'm glad you have chosen not to support this film, especially since the gospel takes a sideline in this film. I'm sure it's a great story, but it's such a stretch to even hint that it is somehow a "christian film". It appears to be full of so much modern gospel mess, hiring a gay actor to play such a vital role is fruit of that! Sounds like the kind of film that will produce false converts by the masses.

  2. Phew!
    Thanks for the pointer!
    It's a crazy world we're livin in!


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