Mama Africa...there'll never be another.

Now you know I wasnt going to end my dedication the great Queen of Africa Miriam Makeba with just that short post. Oh wow, no,never! There are not enough words in my vocabulary to describe how much I'll miss this lady. She is and has been one of my favorite singers ever. I have been listening to Miriam Makeba's music since I was a toddler in the 80s and I basically grew up with her. My whole family did. She was one of the few artists my whole family loved(and could listen to), mother,father,sisters,brothers. We all liked her music because you felt that she spoke for us and for the whole of the African continent. She also gave the world a window into what was hapening in South Africa at a time when dissenting voices were silenced. Although she lived in exile for 31 years she made sure to express to the world through music just what was happening in South Africa under the oppressive white rule. Who can forget the heart-wrenching Khauleza song about life in apartheid South Africa. She must have once been the most famous singer in Africa or at least female singer. We knew many of her songs, like the song she made world reknown Malaika. She was also the first black African woman to win a Grammy in 1965. I have always loved Mama, and in fact I purchased her album Country Girl a few months back because it was a childhood favorite. Aside from her stunning good looks, she just embodied the strong and caring African mother who could be from any country. In that way, we all felt that she was our second mother. Her sweet, affectionate voice would also remind me of the times my mum would sing me lullabies to sleep and in that way Miriam Makeba was a mother to us all in Africa. Not to mention she just had raw, artistic and unique talent that cannot be duplicated. She also became famous in a time in Africa during the 60s,70s when we had musical giants and she happened to be one of the foremost of them. I could go on and on about Miriam Makeba and what her legacy will be, but I think I'll leave that for the music experts and autobiographers. For now I will just encourage all of you to say a small prayer of thankyou to the late,great Miriam for what she contributed to our continent in terms of not just music, but hope, inspiration,human dignity and freedom, and also being a wonderful mother to us all. In South Africa it must be especially hard right now as she was their voice of hope during oppression, and added to the fact that they just lost another great Lucky Dube last year(another voice against apartheid). Miriam Makeba, you were the greatest.

Miriam Makeba - Mabuye

Miriam Makeba - Oxgam

Miriam Makeba - Kilimanjaro

Miriam Makeba - Pata Pata

Miriam Makeba - Khauleza

Miriam Makeba - Mbube

Miriam Makeba: The Click Song


  1. Mirian Makeba will be missed! My wife is from South Africa and got me hip to her back in 2000 (when we met). She was truly a legend and there will not be another. Hopefully she trusted in the would be great to see her in glory. By the way bro...thanks for all the love and support!
    Tony of Hazakim


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