Are you a Graphic artist?

Calling all Graphic Designers.

O.K I'm looking for a Graphic Designer who is willing to design a banner for the top part of this blog. I will be unable to pay you for the banner so the work will be done purely out of appreciation for the blog. However I will post up your name for credit and any links to websites or contact information you provide if I select your design.

Details for the banner design:
- It should say KENYA CHRISTIAN prominently, but not too large.

-Should not have too many colors, 3-5 at most. Preferably use blue, red,white,green and black.(however black should no be the main color)

- Can creatively include some images of people, crosses...(mainly images that relate to the contents of the blog e.g Christianity,music,people)

So send them in to and I will select the best one. Good luck.


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