Kanjii - Stories Album Launch

Kanjii - "Stories" Album Launch FINALLY!!! Kanjii Mbugua (of Milele and Mavuno worship project fame) is launching his very first solo album entitled 'Stories' at the end of this year (December 7th 2008). Though he has been in the music industry forwell over a decade, he has never quite found the season to be right forhim to launch his solo career...that time has finally arrived. The idea of 'Stories' is one that has been evolving and developing overthe years. Being a passionate observer of life and a contemporary storyteller - Kanjii found that the songs he wrote were actually stories toldfrom different life perspectives. And that's what the album promises tobe...one good long listen! His first single off the album is entitled 'Just a Man'; a beautifulconcept; where so often men in urban Africa are required to be strong andinvincible. In as much as that has its place - this song shows us avulnerable, alternative side of a man...which both men and women onlistening, have come to appreciate. The 'Stories' album launch, set for Sunday December 7th at the CarnivoreGrounds 5:30pm, promises not to disappoint. Kanjii intends to take hislisteners through adventures, romances, drama, thrillers, poetry andinspiration as he weaves a thread of stories through his music. Definitelynot something you want to miss! Diarise this event! It promises to be a show that will be penned down inmany story books to come.

Props to Kijiji


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