As the 2007 Kenyan election draws ever near and we start counting down the hours to the vote, I would just like to take this time out to wish every Kenyan a peaceful election. We must remember that whatever the result, we are all still Kenyans and must co-exist with our neighbours just as before. Whoever you are voting for as your President, MP or Councillor make sure you are making an informed decision, and that you know exactly who you are voting for! Also please think of the future generations of Kenyans and how they will judge your decision tomorrow.

Kenya is a great and beautiful country and we should all strive to retain that stability and progress that we are blessed with.

Most of all, let us all take the time out to pray that the vote will be for the benefit of all Kenyans, and always remember that God is in control of everything whatever the outcome.

Vote wisely and trust in God. May God bless our beautiful land Kenya!


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