Christian's persecuted in America.

Many of you have by now heard of the shooting and killing of church members in (Youth With A Mission)YWAM and New Life Church in Colorado Springs. Reports indicate the shootings were carried out by the same 24-year-old Denver man, Matthew Murray who "hated Christians." Five people including a gunman were killed and five others wounded Sunday in two eruptions of violence. Check out the Yahoo story.

This is a good reminder to all of us not to assume there are no people out there who deeply hate Christians and would not use violent means against us. We should pray for the enemies of Christ that they may change their hearts. And also pray for the families of those who lost their lives, that they may be comforted by God. Most of all let us pray that we may stand strong for God if we ever faced similar circumstances where our lives were threatened for the sake of Christ.

You can read the press conference by New Life Church here.

Also check out a Christianity Today report on the tragic event here.


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