Let us remember Christ this Christmas!

As we come to the close of another year, and we celebrate another Christmas holday we should take the time to reflect and remember the real reason for this special time. The only reason we should celebrate this holiday is to remeber and reflect on the birth of Jesus the Christ. While we were all sinners, God sent us His only Son to come and save us from our sins. God did not have to do this, he could have just wiped out the whole world or sent us to our fates in hell. But instead from His gracious Love he sent us Emmanuel as a child born on Christmas day. Jesus's only misssion while here on earth was to rescue sinners by dying on the Cross and raising Himself from the dead and thus washing away all our sins.

So may we all take this Christmas season seriously and thank God for the wonderful Saviour He sent us, and we must take the time out to think of those who are poor, homeless, hungry. Visit a hospital, shelter ot just the beggar on the street. Give him some money, food or maybe even just talk to him/her and share Christ with them

May you all have a Christmas season filled with joy and celbrtion of Jesus Christ and go into the new year happily. Merry Christmas all and thanks for visiting this blog as I strive to stir up Christians and also spread the Good News of Christ.


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