I would just like to wish all of my fellow Kenyans a Happy and prosperous 2008! We have just gone through a tightly fought election with the winner too close to call. A winner has emerged but one side is feeling cheated. As responsible Kenyans let us refrain from inciting out fellow men to violence as we will not escape being affected if it breaks out. So before you ask for mayhem in the streets, ask yourself, are ready for you family and children to go through it and maybe perish?
If there are election disputes they must be handled in the courts, otherwise nothing can be solved.

I hope you all a blessed 2008 , and may God bless Kenya and all its people!


  1. mwenyewe1/1/08 07:20

    Ooo, telling kenyans "Happy New Year" could be "tricky" given that people are caged up in their homes hoping for peace in the next few days ... but, do have a "Happy" New Year


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