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Breaking the DaVinci CodeSaturday, May 6th 8/7cSaturday, May 13th 8/7c
Everyone wants to know if Dan Brown’s best selling fiction thriller novel The DaVinci Code is based on fact or fiction. Was there a conspiracy by early church fathers to cover up the teachings of Christ? Was Jesus really married to Mary Magdalene with whom he had a child? Were famous luminaries such as Leonardo da Vinci and Sir Isaac Newton in on the secrets? Did Leonardo da Vinci pepper his painting with clues as to the real meaning of Christianity? Based on three best-selling books, Breaking the DaVinci Code, The DaVinci Code Deception and Cracking the DaVinci Code, this one-hour special answers the story’s most perplexing questions and sets the record straight through interviews with biblical scholars, book authors and the world’s leading experts in archeology, theology, art history, philosophy and science.


  1. Does it matter at all? Every generation has their own conspiracy theory, new "questions", discussions and doubts. What matters is that Jesus came to save us all. The DaVinci and their kind try to difuse the message and distract us from the truth. JESUS CAME TO SAVE US should be sufficient


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