The Grace of God.

Wow! I didn't know passing out Gospel tracts could be so easy! Granted, this is not my first time to do it, but I think the Spirit of God removed the fear from me, (after much prayer.) I handed out tracts on The Da Vinci code outside a movie theater in the heart of DC, and they were snapped up so fast. I was shocked, most people were appreciative of it and said "thankyou," when all the while I thought they would think I'm an annoying person pitching some product. God also gave me the words to speak when a reporter came up and questioned me about what I was doing, thinking I was a protester. But I told him I was engaging the people rather than just protesting. Praise God for His "Amazing Grace." When you think about what Christ did for us on the cross, you can't but speak to others about it. I pray God may continue to give me boldness so I can spread the Good News of salvation. Maybe I may open-air preach one day, God willing. Grace is truly Amazing!
May we all do something, to demonstrate our love for God and His unspeakable sacrifice for us on the Cross of Calvary.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Anonymous20/5/06 08:06

    I'm sorry but I do not understand what Xtians are all worked up about by the work of fiction? Why are you all up on arms condemning a movie that is fiction and in any case this is a good opportunity for you to spread the word even further, = good publicity. I fail to understand where the xtians were when they had a fiction show of the constant Gardner and the evil it potrayed obn pharmaceutical and exploitation of Africans or this was too fiction for xtians.

    I'm catholic do not get me wrong but I was the first in line to watch the movie after reading the book a week before and this is fiction work unless there is some truth in it. Shouldn't Xtians be there and be heard all the time and condemn the evil of all movies not just when it happpens to touch the core of the universal xtian believe? I feel like at times us Xtians we have double standards and will not accept criticsm. Instead of condemning he movie why not allow fellow xtians watch it but continue to enlightening the lost and sinners after all Jesus didn't turn his back on Mary Magdalene as a prostitute or condemn her but rather saved her , didn't he?( No pun intended on Mary Magda reference)


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