Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may be a bit whacked out, but you gotta hand it to the guy, the letter-move was quite clever. They are clearly trying to paint the Bush administration into a corner, and are now declaring predictably,"see, we presented an olive branch, but Bush didn't want to accept it, he just wants war!" Not taking into account that almost nothing in the letter speaks about thir nuclear programme, but instead accuses the U.S of plotting 9/11...,olive branch indeed. It's an interesting ploy, but I doubt it will provide enough cover for what his regime is obviously up to.


  1. As a christian, I ask you, why do you think the US has the right to have nuclear weapons but Iran does not? They are easy about going to war? Did you hear teh ex-CIA man tell us the CIA has conversations between Bush and Blair that confirm they knew there were no WMDs and they were discussing how to force a war?

    Jesus gave us all a free will. He didn't ask us Christians to oppress those that didn't believe in him. He told us to dust our feet and leave. meaning don't attempt to bother their lives. We need to emulate that. And we as Christians must set teh correct example.

    Stop misleading teh general public. Jesus expects us to be wise and true. So either we all don't have nuclear weapons, or we give everyone else the right to hav them.


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