Lee Strobel, Mark Mittleberg and Dr. Erwin Lutzer will be speaking on the Da Vinci Code heresy tomorrow, Sunday May 21st. "Unlocking the Da Vinci Code" will be broadcasting live from Mariners Church, 5001 Newport Coast Drive, Irvine, CA 949-854-7030 via satellite and will be screening at churches across the U.S.

For more information on this visit, http://www.ccn.tv/ccn/DaVinci/sites.htm This will be a wonderful oppurtunity for you to gain good information on the falsehoods presented in The widely popular novel, The Da Vinci Code. This book has reportedly altered the faith of some 2 million people in the U.S alone. 1 Peter 3:15 But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,

...in other News students at the Univ of Oregon have maliciously attacked Jesus Christ and refused to apologise. For more visit http://www.afa.net/051906.asp


  1. Hi. I did a general blog search with the keywords "Ray Comfort" and had to go through nearly a page and a half of listings to get to one (yours) that wasn't bashing him! Keep up the good work.


    "In the Light Monthly Bulletin"


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