Writing with Light Exhibition @ Kuona Trust

Opening 28th November ‘09, Kuona Trust, 6pm—9pm
12 participants who actively attended a 14-week photography workshop at Kuona facilitated by Pro-photographer, Sylvia N. Gichia. They will be showcasing their best works from the workshop. The show aims to display the different creative artistic styles, and expertise nurtured and achieved within the 14 weeks. The workshops covered topics inclusive of abstract, street, fashion, editing and composition, journalism amongst others. The photographers showcasing their work include:  Clifford Agumbi, Chao Sio, Dorota Panczyk, Edlam Yemeru, Humphrey Kagiri, Julian Njoroge, Juan Morales, Jayne Ekema, Steve Obeto, Wangari Muikia and Wachira Mwangi. The exhibition runs until 11 December 2009.


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