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Just A Band’s second album – 82 – features a song called “Usinibore”, written by Blinky Bill; a member of the band. “It’s about feeling helpless about the way things are, and wanting to do something in your capacity to change stuff. [Africans] don’t have the same opportunities as other people.”, he says.
“There’s also the political angle. I think we’re all very tired of seeing politicians who’ve been there from the 60s still clinging to power and not doing anything to better our lives. That’s something that affects all of us. If the country starts to burn like it did in 2007, we all go down with it.” He sat down with us to talk about his views on “whiny” Kenyans, and how desperately we need a new breed of politicians in this country.

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  1. Anonymous8/11/09 23:07

    He talks lack of opportunity, I see debilitating poverty and a growing disillusionment. You're talking about a country where 60 out of every one hundred Kenyans live on less than Shs. 70 a day(about 2200 a month)and we want "fight corruption" by telling wananchi not to ask for Shs. 200 come election time? Really?
    Doing away with our history of patronage is well and good in theory but actual practice will require us to recognise that the "war on poverty" precedes "fighting corruption" in any meaningful way and not the other way 'round.

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  3. Hmm, you make an interesting point there@Anon

    Could it be that sometimes in our idealism as people born into privilege we get disconnected from the "reality on the ground" in terms of grinding poverty and suffering?

    I think this issue deserves further discussion.


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