Interview with Afro-Jazz artist Nita Hungu Pt.2

In Part 2 of this interview with Afro-Jazz artist Nita Hungu we discuss the theme of her album, Gospel musics growing popularity in Kenya, does she listen to secular music and more. Enjoy!

::KenyaChristian:: What’s the theme of the album?

Nita Hungu: 
As mentioned earlier my music centres around love and life. There are some love songs on the album (man-woman love) with God being the umbrella and under that I think that Christians need to write about things that affect Christians. So like if my heart got broken as a musician I need to write about it cause I think everyone goes through these things it’s just that most people are afraid to put it out there I believe God wants to give us solutions for our everyday experiences.

::KC:: Do you find that a lot of Christian artists are not real with the things they talk about and act too spiritual, and is that something you’re trying to talk about?

Well, no not really. I feel that everyone is different and has their own calling in the kinds of things they sing about. There are some people who are called to sing about the Church, other are called to sing just about regular life things. So in my case I’m singing about things that affect me Nita Hungu, like my family, community, abortion, or whatever it is.

::KC:: Gospel music has been growing in popularity in the past few years How would you explain this popularity, are more people turning to God?

I can’t really explain the sudden craving for Gospel music, but I was reading a Nation article which was saying they even play Gospel music in the club, and I think that’s a good thing! It means we are getting the Gospel out there; I just hope it’s God. There are so many bad things that have occurred in the past and people just want solutions for that, so people are turning to God.

::KC:: So do you listen to any other kinds of music,whether its rock or even secular music?

NH: O.K well that will just be opening up a Pandora’s box but what I’ll say is I like artists like Jeremy Camp and the other artists I had mentioned. And honestly my take on listening to music is, take that music which edifies you, and music that teaches you. I won’t listen to music with cuss words you know, but I’ll listen to music that teaches me something. I won’t say that I don’t listen to any kind of “secular” music. But like I said it’s a whole Pandora’s Box, everyone has a choice, as long as what you’re listening to is Godly music. Godly in the sense that if someone can speak about love in a good way, then that’s okay; basically positive music.

::KC:: When can we expect the album Love, Life & Limb to be released?

You can expect my debut album next year, which is what we’re hoping for.

Listen to Nita Hungu's debut single Rain here

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