Video: Steve Harvey gives teartful testimony

Comedian,actor(+ much more) Steve Harvey gives a moving & tearful testimony on TBN with Donnie McClurkin. I used to listen to Steve's morning radio show in the U.S sometimes and you could tell he was a man who believes in God & he would always give a positive message. whatever opinion you have about some of his comedy(I think he cleaned up his stand-up though) I will only say let God be the judge as I believe only God knows a human beings true motives, man can only speculate. anyway, real talk from Steve Harvey. Christians shouldn't be always quick to judge someone just because they're not living what you think is a holy life. I really believe you will be surprised who you will meet in heaven, you'll be like "what?? him, he was with God all that time?" Christians, keep it one 100(real). Don't act like you're better than anyone else, cause YOU ARE NOT!


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