Video: Inside SLAM AFRICA +thoughts on poetry in Nai

Unless you have been living under a rock you will have noticed that poetry/open mic/spoken word events are like the hottest thing in Nairobi right now. I was out of the country for a number of years and had known about the growth of these events but was quite surprised and impressed at just how big this thing is becoming(it is still growing.)Right now your Nai joint/restaurant/cafe is not hip if you don't have some sort of open mic or artsy event happening there.

Check out this(well done) short film on SLAM AFRICA an open mic/poetry event held regularly at Dass Ethiopian Restaurant. I am now a regular there(make sure you sample some injera) and I must say it is quite addictive. Another one to check out is the Kwani? Open Mic held monthly at Club Soundd. Admittedly I didn't see such events becoming big in Nairobi but they seem to be spreading like wild fire right now, who ever thought Kenyans were so expressive? Well I think it's a great thing and the talent out there is amazing. Big up to Imani, Point Blank, Blaze and others who are doing a great job with SLAM.

"You don't need to be deep to be a poet/you need to be true" -Point Blank


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