Video: P4CM Questions Uncovered

In this video, members of the P4CM EX-Homosexual Ministry answer the top
questions asked by those in the gay community or curious about its lifestyle.
Questions including:

1. Why should I even trust the bible in the first
2. Why would God judge me if I was born this way? Or why would he
judge me if I molestation led me to being gay?
3. Does God hate homosexuals?
4. How does God feel about gay marriage?
5. How does God feel about gay
adoption? and Is there such a thing as a gay Christian?
6. How do we know
that God actually judge Sodom and Gomorrah - cities that were known for their
homosexual behavior.
7. How do I change?
8. Can I still be friends with
my ex?
9. Am I really delivered if the temptations keep coming back?

(Note: for those in Kenya, I know I know it can be really frustrating not being able to watch these long videos. You'll just have to wait for the optic cable and you can go back and watch all of them when the speeds pick up. Patience is a virtue:)

Plus: How to Witness to a Homosexual


  1. Just I wanna point something I think is important

    In the minute 12:09
    Bryn says that homosexuality is a sin, and she quote Mt 5:28... I suggest you that you wont use that passage anymore, because we can also say, "heterosexuality is a sin"

    Well I think it's all... hehehe.
    By the way... it was a tooooo loooong video... hehehe.
    C ya.


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