Going Green

This from Black Looks

Yes, I've gone green. If you think that the election in Iran wasn't free
and fair, or that there was swindling and fraud, and if you can, say something
green on your blog, or turn it green temporarily, in solidarity with the masses
protesting in the streets in Tehran, demanding freedoms. And dying. Here's what you could do; one or more of these:

1. Write a poem about Iran and post it
2. Write a poem about the colour green and post
3. Discuss what’s going on in Iran at the moment in a post
4. Discuss the importance of not having theocracies (tsk tsk tsk!)
5. Post someone else’s poem about Iran/the colour green/theocracies/etc
6. Turn your blog green — shocking green, ha ha!
7. Share the present post with blogger friends
8. Read this article:

Email me any material kenyachristian@live.com or leave a comment.

"Poem for the rooftops of Iran."


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