Jim Chuchu interview with ADA

Here is an interview digital artist and Just A Band member Jim Chuchu did with African Digital Art.

So you are an Afrigadget inventor, how did this come about? What has been the response so far? Do you have any more inventions lined up?

Am I really an inventor? Ha, ha! Another accident; I needed to shoot some video and in Kenya you have two options:
A – get REALLY expensive lights from the likes of Film Studios Kenya, orB – get REALLY crappy tungsten floodlights (which are modified security lights) for hire
I didn’t have a truckload of money, and I really hate the floodlights (they waste so much power and they’re really hot). So I stuck a couple of compact-fluorescents in a cardboard box and used them to shoot the video (I never tell purists this story because they’d vomit all over me).It was surprising then to hear that there was an article on AfriGadget about my little box. Later on, I began to wonder why there’s such a shortage of innovation in Africa that when someone sticks bulbs in a box he becomes an inventor. The nature of this work forces you to come up with solutions to problems quickly, so there’s always a lot of duct-taping of things to one another, and misusing of ordinary household objects.

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  1. Thank you for the linklove. African Digital Art Network http://africandigitalart.com features the best in African digital media - from graphic design to animation, web design to visual effects. Stay posted.

  2. Hi, thanks for that. Its a really good website, keep up the good work.


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