Randa Randa recap....

Mwafrika.com has a recap of Randa Randa 5.0.

Randa Randa 5.0 took place over the long Madaraka Day weekend, taking
approximately thirty people through various locations in the Coast Province. And
this time it sure was different. From the moment the excited Sarova Taita Hills
Lodge attendants received us, took our bags, served us complimentary cocktails
and chauffeured us to luxurious rooms, we had a hint things were going to be
pretty cozy. Previous Randa Randas had us hustling to pitch tents, often in the
dead of night. And even though we thoroughly enjoyed tenting, living like a king
never hurt anyone. A few top notch meals later, interspersed with fun times in
the pool, some ridiculously hilarious outdoor games, not to mention a spattering
of pool, darts, scrabble and table-tennis, it was off to the world class Sarova
Salt-Lick Game Lodge. Famous for its altogether breathtakingly unique
architecture and large elephant population, this lodge is nothing short of

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