Kitenge Festival this Sunday

Date: June 15, 2008
Time: 3:00 - 6:00 pm
Location: August 7th Memorial Park
City: Nairobi, Kenya
Featuring: Kanjii Mbugua, Sauti, Sarah Gakinya

Cost: Students - 100/=, Adults - 200/=, free entry for all physically challenged individuals

Description: A celebration of our culture with people of all diversities(both local and foreign)- An opportunity to reconcile through festivity despite our differences.- A learning experience as we sample diverse cultures fromassorted Kenyan/ African communities.- An encounter with God who sees us all as equal and one.- A platform to discuss, advocate and sensitize about issuesthat concern/ affect our society (relevance)How- the event runs once every month at the memorial park (Nairobi)This also includes a business exhibition that runs all day from 10am-6pm, we herebyset up tables and tents as exhibition stalls that we hire out to localbusinessmen/ entrepreneurs for an affordable price. The essence of theexhibition being to provide a platform for local entrepreneurs toexhibit and sell their products/ services in addition to creatingnetworks. The expo is also intended to mold and mentor youngentrepreneurs by exposing them to a viable market/ business networksfor a reasonable fee. The exhibition is open to the general publicwithout a charge.


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