The Top 10 artists I would like to see at Tusker Lite Experience

Tusker Lite have been doing a fabulous job in bringing soul and R&B acts to town. Artists some of us never imagined we would see perform live have been coming to perform for the past year or so. artists like Joe ThomasDonnell Jones,Vivian Green and of course Erykah Badu (who has been the best so far in this writers opinion.) Some artists performances have been great (Ms.Badu), some have been so-so and some have been bad. But this is what it's all about, going to see if your favourite artist is just as good as we have seen on TV,radio,internet etc. So anyway all this is thanks to Tusker Lite, and whoever thought up this event deserves a pat on the back. Anyway, I know we all have our dream artists that we would like to see perform. So, I am going to make my list of Top artists that I would love to see perform. This list is NOT strictly R&B/soul but most of it is. The list is in order of preference. So here goes..

1. Sade
One of the worlds best bands, they are a treasure for any soul/r&b fan. with hit after hit and great song after great song they are just to be loved. They would be my number one act to see perform on Kenyan soil. They  are in their fourth decade now of making music, have sold over 50 million albums and still sound as good as ever. Sade Adu doesn't seem to age(much) and her voice is still ask silky subtle as it ever was. They have always kept their understated, smooth sound and have never "sold out," so to speak and Sade herself has always carried herself with an air of respectability and her clothes on!. I would buy a ticket quick-fast and in a hurry if I heard they were coming. Definitely won't be an easy act to bring here as they are probably booked for years, but I don't think its totally impossible.

2. Jill Scott

When neo-soul is mentioned she is a standard name that will always pop up. One of the most talented artists today, she is one-of-a-kind. Ever since her debut album in 2000 blew people away she has done her thing and just been Jill. She is not that big nowadays (but which real talent is with today's over-commercialization). She still continues to release good albums and she is a decent actress too. Poetry just courses through her veins. She is that artists whom you just know won't disappoint live. I don't think it would be too hard to bring her and rumours are it just might happen this year! So save up..

3. Babyface

I consider him on of the greatest musicians of my lifetime. Also an amazing singer, songwriter and producer. He was huge in the late 80s and early 90s. His hits songs are just great and also the many great songs he wrote for other artists. He is one artist I wouldn't mind seeing perform in my lifetime. He is not really active on the scene anymore but I'm quite sure he is still making that mullah ghostwriting for other acts. I would be impressed if Tusker Lite could pull this one off.


4. The Foreign Exchange

Probably my favourite R&B act of the moment. Foreign Exchange and +FE music are just doing a fabulous job on the neo-soul/R&B scene. I'm not sure how big their fan-base is in Kenya, but they are definitely worth it. If R&B was what it was this group would be relatively big and well known. Hopefully Tusker lite could take a chance and invite them, you never know maybe they have fans.

5. Raphael Saadiq 

This one doesn't need much explanation. He created amazing hits with Tony Toni Tone back then and he's still releasing nice stuff. I'm sure the ladies would turn out in numbers for Raphael. Tusker Lite, makee this one happen!

6. Amel Larrieux

This one is a personal favourite. I'm sure if you mentioned her name to the average Kenyan R&B listener they would be like huh, who? But who cares, her voice is amazing and takes you to another world. The fact that I have had this small crush on her since forever is just a side-note, ha ha. I doubt she would pull a good crowd here and her sound is very niche, nothing commercial. So if you would be looking for pop, dance songs she is not the one for you, her music is intimate. Chances of her coming are slim, but who knows? If it was only more about quality than ticket sales..*sigh

7. Musiq Soulchild

It's sad that music is so one-dimensional nowadays. Musiq Soulchild is just as good a singer as ever and has really great music he is still making. But with the pop-dance craze now, amazing artists like him have been (almost) forgotten. Don't sleep on him, he is still as dope as ever. His voice, style and sound can't be duplicated so appreciate his music while he still makes it. I'm sure he is an artists that would be willing to come around these parts.


8. Brian McKnight

Great R&B musician with some great music. He is still making music till today. Who wouldn't want to hear his great past hits live. If Joe could come and perform, I don't see why we couldn't get Brian McKnight to bless us with his silky, grown-folk R&B.

 9. Maxwell

Another act who was big in the 90s. You may be wondering why I'm choosing so many "old, washed up" artists? Well, neo-soul was just great then. There is still great stuff today, put that was its golden era so naturally artists from then are the best. I'm sure he would get a good crowd, with a big majority being female again. He hasn't released any really memorable music of late, but he is still very good.

10. John Legend 

O.K. I have to be clear I have never been a huge John Legend fan. But the man can sing thats for sure. I know he has big fans here and it would be cool to here him perform and play that piano.


This is a dream I know, but think how cool it would be to see the master perform right here in Kenya!

 Mos Def + The Roots

They are not R&B, more like hiphop, but they do have soul! Mos Def is a great hiphop artists and who would not want to here the great Roots band performing? Bring them on!

Alicia Keys

I know, you're probably wondering why she's not in the top 10. Well first of all, it's my list and I choose who goes where, hehe. No but seriously she is a great artists too. She is just not a must-see for me, but if she came of course I would go! And that's it, there's my list. What say you?


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