Screen on the Green presents ‘Sheena Queen of the Jungle

This month’s screening: Sheena Queen of the Jungle

Where: Kifaru House off Kanjata Rd. (off James Gichuru) – House with Rhino on gate

When: October 8th 2011

Gates open at 5pm; movie starts at 7pm

Bring your own food and blankie to sit on.
Popcorn, bar, live, food on sale DJ

Advance tickets 800Ksh at PesaPal

Gate tickets 1000ksh

This is the story of Sheena whose parents are killed while on Safari. She is raised by the mystical witch woman of an ‘African tribe’. As Sheena grows up, she learns much from the Shaman about the lore of the jungle and the ways of all its creatures and is even entrusted with the secret of telepathic communication with the animals. Tigora is under the special protection of King Jabalani. The King’s ex-football champion younger brother Prince Otwani is conspiring with his brother’s fiancee, Countess Zanda, to have Jabalani assassinated so that they can exploit the titanium-rich Zambouli lands.

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