KC Next Artist: Ian Kamau - One Day Soon"

O.K, this cat is serrrious! Folks get ready for Ian Kamau, some fine talent here! He does neo-soul,hip-hop and spoken word and sounds similar-ish to Kendrick Lamar. Heh, I didn't see this one coming. I'm already a  fan, where is the CD, when is he coming to Kenya and how much are that tickets? Check him out for yourself.

From his bio: My name is Ian Kamau; I am an artist. I believe that my ability to create and communicate is intimately tied to my purpose in life although I am unsure of exactly how.
I was born and raised in Toronto to Trinidadian parents who immigrated to North America in 1970. My parents are documentary filmmakers. I grew up around ideas, information and art.
Making music has taken me around the world; it has opened doors to experiences I never dreamed I would have and has put me in the position to have conversations with a diversity of dynamic, interesting individuals.
I believe in community. My creative life extends to my work in arts-based community projects. That side of my life has always run parallel to my artistic life.
I am an artist who wants to continue to be creative and support others in being creative while finding my purpose.
Read more on him here and here

Listen to the album sampler here

The Village Trailer (One Day Soon) from Ian Kamau on Vimeo.


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