YOU can Help those facing starvation through the #FeedKe initiative

I won't say much, I'll just post on this imitative from a blogpost on another site. I heard Safaricom just waived the fee when you send in. I sent Ksh300 today, please spare a meal today and contribute. May God bless you, and thankyou @ahmedsalims your initiative is an aswer to my prayers. We dont need to wait for gava, this is how we change our country, grassoots movements.

After 1 WEEK - #FeedKE

A week ago I started this initiative of having Kenyans Sacrifice A Meal to help Feed Kenya!!! My initial TARGET was 10,000 Kenyans with atleast a minimum of 250/=Ksh donated to The Kenya Red Cross Society under #FeedKE Account Name. What amazed me is the response of us Kenyans – everyone who heard about it; shared it, talked about it and also some acted on it!!!
Today, I post what we have collected so far and what YOU have donated as a Kenyan!!!
As at 26th July 2011 from 172 donations we have collected 140,880/= Ksh
I would like to appreciate all who have taken part in this so far, who also donated upto 40-50 Meals and who also are not around the country but made donations online… On behalf of everyone involved, I say Thank You and God Bless you!!!!
We still are way behind Kenyans. We still have 3 MILLION Kenyans in starvation, We still have Children dying – this tells a lot. Tells us our future is clearly NOT in our hands, if we cannot look after our children, our tomorrow leaders, where are we really heading to??
It’s so painful to watch the News and see this child who you may never know is tomorrow’s president?  We cannot tell the future, but we can act on the present!!! And the present is helping Our People. Present is, YOU sending and sharing the little you can. Present is YOU having your neighbor, family friends all do the same. The present is to stand on your feet and say it from your heart – YOU ARE A KENYAN and you WILL HELP KENYA!!! Present is overlooking the past but focusing on making a difference in the present and building a future. We can only do this if YOU decide its TIME We ACT!! We can only make this happen if YOU say it your choice to either build this country or ignore it and let it suffer!!!
We can do this Kenyans YES WE CAN DO IT and today I ask for 1 MORE WEEK to have all of you take part in this, talk about it, share it, act on it and make everyone you know do it!!!!
This isn’t for me nor you this is for this COUNTRY which with no doubt, is bigger than all of us!!! We are the change we want we are the lives we want, we are the leaders we want and we are the ones to make it happen….
My fellow brother and sister, LETS JUST DO THIS:
  • On M-Pesa Paybill to ‘10,000’ Acc ‘feedke
  • On  Airtel nickname ‘REDCROSS’ reference ‘feedke
  • Online:
 Ps: all funds are collected directly to the Kenya Red Cross and a report is available on request.

“Alms are for the poor and the needy; and those employed to administer (the funds); for those whose hearts have been (recently) reconciled (to truth); for those in bondage and in debt; in the cause of Allah; and for the wayfarer: (thus is it) ordained by Allah, and Allah is full of knowledge and wisdom.”Quran 9:60

My Name is Ahmed Salim and I’m A Kenyan 


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