Amy Winehouse -"You gave me hope in music again" RIP

I am so sad and depressed by this right now. It's like gosh..all I can ask is know? *SIGH!!** I dont think you understand, she is(was) like my top 2 favourite artists right now(apart from Nneka I think). The thing I love about Amy is she gave me hope in music again, hope that there are artists out there with real talent, with great lyrics, who are pushing boundaries. Amy Winehouse was instrumental in reviving pop-soul music in the UK and US for cyin out loud. She made American singers look bad, and showed them how soul should really be done again- made them rediscover their creation! I ve listened to Back to Black more times than i can count just exploring her voice, and sound, every note she sang and change and her no-holds barred, expose-it-all intelligently written lyrics were soo great to hear. This is just sad, I was used to regularly check sites for any news on a new album. I know she was currently on tour, I also scoured the internet for any music I hadnt heard like B-Sides, singles, "unreleased" songs. Yes, I was a huge Amy fan. Who is there to look forward to now with all this crap posing as music coming out now. I am depressed, she didnt have enough time to give us more albums. Its like Minnie Riperton, taken too soon, or Lauryn Hill with her inabilty to recapture her former self. I guess we are stuck with her two classic albums. i hope she had already completed her third album, but I'm pretty sure she had recorded a number of songssince Back to Black, w'ell have to wait and see. She is already a legend up there with the Aretha's, Ella's, Billie'e, Minnie's and the other greats. Dang it! Taken too soon. Why do the greats have to be taken??!! I hope this will lead peopel to look at just how bad drugs are,and greater initaitives to get drugs out of our communities. Amy, thanks for the great music you gave me.You gave my hope.


  1. Anonymous3/11/11 07:21

    Amy was outstanding. It was like all the great music of the past was married with the contemporary. I think she will have served as an inspiration for the music to come. New jazz it is sometimes called, though I think she was just unique in her own right and even beyond this term. Take heart- there is a new cd of her unrecorded songs coming out on 05 Dec-Hidden Treasures. Sadly on the net Amy is criticized and judged for her drug taking etc.Drugs are horrible and evil and kill. But her poor choices alone do not define Amy- there was a whole lot more to her -people need to look a little deeper and see the beauty beneath and the great musical artist that she was. Angela

  2. Anonymous3/11/11 19:20

    Amy Winehouse cd out on 5 Dec- Hidden Treasures. All her unreleased songs. She was one of a kind Amy.I hope she found her peace with God in her last moments before she died, through Jesus Christ and that we'll see her singing in Heaven, musical genius that she was.


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