Some thoughts on our journey to a new constitution

Some thoughts on our journey to a new constitution

So, we have come as Kenyans to a crossroads and make no mistake, it is a defining moment in our nation’s history.

With the manner in which some so-called leaders are acting one wonders if we live in the same country, but their stance is very understandable. Don’t be fooled, the main leaders of the No campaign William Ruto and Daniel Moi are only concerned about land and power. They are very worried that the big province of Rift Valley will be split into devolved counties. This is unacceptable to them, they have been the lords of this province for a long time.  With this power, they(especially the latter) have or at least attempted since 1991, to cow other ethnicities who live in this province into toeing their line. People like to say that Kenya has been a haven of peace in a troubled region, but that is true only if you have been willfully blind for the past 20 years. I am still in my 20’s, but since I was young I have been very aware of what has been happening in this country. Many people my age are sadly ignorant of our recent past. The former regime and president were actively engaged in a brutal system of ethnic cleansing in the Rift Valley, and other places like Coast and Western Province. The message had always been, if you don’t toe the KANU line, you will suffer and be brutalized and marginalized. Tribal clashes didn’t begin in 2007, goodness no! They have been a regular feature in the 1992,1997 and 2007 elections. Tribes that were seen to be in the opposition mainly in Central and Western, Nyanza Province were “taught a lesson” through economic, political and physical marginalization.  Thousands and thousands of Kenyans have been slaughtered on Kenyans soil because of their rejection of dictatorship, tribalism and corruption.

We took a wrong turn as Kenyans during independence when the foundation of our nation was built on betrayal. Unfortunately the Kenyatta regime sold out and betrayed the freedom fighters went ahead to engage in tribalism, nepotism and exploitation. Although the economy grew the gap between the rich and poor grew to exponential proportions. Leaders could see the bad way things were going. One Josiah Mwangi Kariuki (a great Kenyan) was brutally murdered by Kenyatta’s men for daring to challenge his regime. This showed how brutal and intolerant Kenya’s leader’s had become.

There is a long trail of blood of other Kenyans who have suffered and died because of a rotten power system. People like Tom Mboya, Robert Ouko, Pio Gama Pinto, Father Kaiser, Julie Ward to name but a few. Many more were tortured just below the street as Kenyans went about their usual lives. Yes, the Nyayo Torture chambers saw alot of brutality from the hands of sadists like Hezekiah Oyugi. Victims had nails and hair pulled out, private parts ,burnt with cigarette butts, made to stand in freezing water and beaten with broken chairs and sometimes shot.

It is in the memory of such Kenyans ( there are thousands more unknown and unnamed) that I will wake early on Wednesday to cast my vote. I will vote a emphatic Yes in the memory of freedom fighters like Wangari Maathai, Paul Muite, Kenneth Matiba and Rev.Timothy Njoya. These are Kenyans who stood up in defiance of a oppressive govt. at a time when you watched what you said lest the special Branch snatched you and delivered you to a torture chamber. We have yearned and fought for this moment in our history. Is the constitution perfect, of course not, nothing man-made is perfect. But it is progressive, it brings power to the people, it prevents a future leader from engaging in imperialism, it gives Kenyan women a chance to take part in leadership and be considered equal, it brings checks and balances in the power structure, it enables land injustices to be dealt with, it ensures free speech, movement and assembly. It protects our precious environment., it recognizes the diversity of Kenyans. It is simply put one of the most progressive constitutions in Africa and indeed the world.

All I can say is please think about where we have come from as a country, think about where we are and where we are all crying out to be as a people and as a nation. The journey will not be over after the 4th, it will have just entered a new phase and we must remain vigilant a s a people.

I am proud of you Kenyans, we have proved that we are a people of hope, perseverance and faith despite the challenges we have faced that would crush a lesser people. I am very encouraged by the unity and spirit we are displaying as a country. This is a great tiem to eb alive in kenya, this is truly historic,a  turning point.

Say Yes for the destiny that Kenya is meant to fulfill. This is a blessed moment.

God bless Kenya.


  1. The proposed constitution has 3 major strong points:

    1) It limits the powers of the president

    2) It is stronger on ethics

    3) It gives citizens right of recall

    It also has 3 major weaknesses:

    1) It is highly Americanised, and copies heavily from the American constitution

    2) It enforces affirmative action

    3) It creates an enormous bureaucracy

    Indecision 2010.....


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