James Baldwin & Africa-America

Here are some interesting video's featuring writer/activist/essayist James Baldwin I've been checking out over at Black Looks. I'm really getting more interested in his work after watching these video's. He is highly intelligent and perceptive about human nature, psychology and racism. I have a keen interest in the African-American experience and I regularly read blogs like The Root, thus I find these videos fascinating. African-Americans have so much potential to be a great and unique people, but there are things that hold them back (I think mostly self-inflicted.) I still have hope Barack Obama's presidency could be a turning point in their history.

"Take this Hammer"

Take This Hammer from Brendan Nee on Vimeo.
"I've always known that I'm not a n*gger..but if I am not the n*gger.. and if it's true that your invention reveals you, then who is the n*gger?"


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