VHP 1.2.1: Mos Def - "Travellin' Man"

Still my favourite Mos Def song ever. This is from DJ Honda's 1998 album HII. Hip-hop at its best imo..*sigh I miss her

The innovative/ Classical B-Boy image/Collect the winnings/Cause that's the reason that we came here/This thing is not a game here/The fortune not the fame here/From New York to the Cakalaks
Cali in the Cadillacs/Chicago know we innovate/Infiltrate Virginia State/DC make me stimulate/Philly know we penetrate/Georgia make us generate/Let's set a date to get the papes/They celebrate to my jams in foreign lands/Even your mans in Japan know who I am/Minasan, like everybody out in Nippon/Say ichiban
(lyrics from OHHLA)

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