Interview with Nigerian artist Nneka Part 2

In part 2 of my exclusive interview with hip-hop/soul artist Nneka we discuss issues such as her faith, her deep lyrics and how she plans to maintain her musical purity in an industry that has destroyed many before her. (Read Part 1 of the interview here.)

::KenyaChristian:: In my review of you album “No Longer at Ease” I termed your lyrics prodigious. You seem to have so much wisdom, where does this come from?

 Nneka: I have no clue, I feel small, I feel I know nothing. I only use my heart and my pain..

::KC:: Your music also contains a lot of spirituality and references to faith and God. Germany seems like a very secularized country. How was it living there and how did you maintain your faith?

 Nneka: It is always difficult when your far from home, far from what you consider as comfort. But well all these things have a reason, and led to my finding my passion and identity..(which is) music

::KenyaChristian:: Your music has been compared to Lauryn Hill’s, and we all know what happened with her career. Right now your music and message are still raw and pure. Do you ever think about how the music industry (especially American) might try and change you and make you into something you’re not and how do you plan to deal with that?

Nneka: I know where i am coming from. I remind myself of the source, of the intention, therefore I stand strong and rooted.

::KenyaChristian:: Your music is like finding a diamond in the rough. Why do you think a lot of music is so bland, empty and lacking substance these days?

Nneka: People are too focused on themselves, on their fame, on their pockets. The heart is dying and the head is swelling, therefore the soul suffocates and there is no air left for love.

::KenyaChristian:: Ken Saro-Wiwa was murdered for his activism and outspokenness on the situation in Niger Delta. “Niger Delta” on your 2nd album is a very powerful record, do you feel you are continuing Ken Saro-Wiwa’s mission through you music?

Nneka:  I am raising awareness and trying as much as possible in my own way to contribute to the wellbeing of my home.

::KenyaChristian:: You talk about love being the most important issue and how a person must do everything with love. Why is love so important in what someone does?

Nneka: Because without it nothing makes sense, you poison the entity and joint that keeps people united.

::KC:: I would really like to see you tour Africa, and come to my country Kenya and hold a concert. Nigerian pop artists and movies are popular here in Kenya. Do you intend for Africans to hear more of you and your message?

Nneka: Call me, and hook me up. I am always willing, and I am looking forward to it.

::KC:: I for one would love to hold a conversation with you on Africa, faith, love and other issues, haha.

Nneka: No problem, I am down bro, anything for the love.

::KC:: Thanks for doing this interview.

Nneka: Thankyou too and God bless.


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