Video: Muthoni - "Mikono Kwenye Hewa"

This is the first video off Muthoni's latest album The Human Condition, in stores now!

I like the way the video was shot in that it has a story and also some humour.It also has a message but is fun at the same time, plus Muthoni is a very talented lyricist. I'm hoping that with artists like Muthoni gaining exposure urban music with a message will get back the limelight because Kenyan radio kinda shunned akina these guys, and there's been a vacuum for a while now.So, keep the good tunes coming Muthoni, you've got a supporter here!

Previously: Muthoni interview with RNW


  1. Nice video..good overall production and nice vocals (though you can see the Missy Elliot influence here - not a bad thing though) the way isn't the chick with the bob weave Patricia (TPF-3)??


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