My first eclipse...

This was the best shot I got during the solar eclipse that occurred on 15th January. I took it with a Canon Digital Camera.
I'd never viewed a solar eclipse before, so i was pretty excited about it. It was kinda weird in the morning, i was wondering why the sky was soo hazy and cloudy from real early. I'm like, has this eclipse started..nini? Well, didn't see much except grey skies until like sometime between 8 and 9 am when the sun suddenly burst through the clouds and you knew something weird was occurring. I viewed the eclipse through my camera screen(si, the harmful rays can't be reproduced digitally? hehe) Anyway, my eyes weren't damaged(I hope:) It was a wonderful experience, I even captured some of it on video camera. The weather was really cold during the eclipse, and then afterwards it was suddenly sunny and the clouds took their cue and floated off. A weird observation I made was that a couple of crows were flying around in circles screaming(crowing) and basically acting weird; I'm certain the heavenly event had something to do with their psychosis. Overall I'm glad I saw it at least once in my life, what was your experience like?


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