Kidnapping: Prevention Tips & Remedies

I think kidnapping is one of the worst and most scary crimes that can happen to a person. You read about stuff like that happening in Columbia & Mexico, and in movies like Man on Fire, but I hoped such phenomena would never take root in our country. But, alas kidnapping seems to be the in-thing with Kenyan criminals nowadays. We have all read the absolutely horrific story of the Sudanese boy who was kidnapped recently, then his mutilated body was found after the parents were advised by the police not to pay the Ksh500,000 ransom. It is a tragedy that our so-called leaders are dwelling on issues like Ringera while the country collapses from all sides. Kidnapping in my opinion is just one of the signs that this country is totally breaking down. As we wait to see what steps the new Police Commissioner Iteere will take to tackle this crime wave, I have decided to post some tips on how to prevent kidnapping. This list is especially for parents/guardians of children but some points can also apply to adults.(This is from a U.S site, so lets hope Kenyan police will make a list that applies to us.)

Teach Your Child Safety Rules Very Young ~ Start teaching your child about safety when it comes to talking to strangers when they are very young. Role play with them, using different situations to see how they would handle them. For instance, you can ask your child, "What would you do if someone asks you to help them find a lost puppy?" Use lots of different scenarios with your child and go over safety techniques often.

Teach Your Children to Fight Back & to Scream ~ Children are easy targets because they are taught to listen to adults. Teach your children to prevent a possible child abduction by fighting and screaming, "Fire" or "Help, this is not my dad. This is not my mom," if someone tries to take them. Experts say that you should never let an abductor get you to a second location. The sad reality is that if a stranger abducts your child, they will likely be killed in less than 24 hours - an abductor won't just harm your child because they fought back, they likely would have done it anyway. So, teach them to fight like crazy.

Make a Child ID or Get a Child ID Kit Made ~

Know Your Neighbors ~ Know whose in your neighborhood.

Have Children Play in Groups Don't Allow Your Children to Walk to Friends or Play Outside Alone ~ Many children who are abducted are taken when they are walking somewhere alone or are playing outdoors by themselves. There is safety in numbers. Tell your children to always walk with other kids or an adult. Watch them when they play outdoors.

Be alert to and aware of your surroundings. Know the “escape routes” and plan what you would do in different emergencies. Practice “what if” scenarios, so you will be well prepared. Know the location of local hospitals and best routes to take to reach them. Know how to reach the nearest local lawenforcement

Keep Current Photos of Your Child in Digital & Printed Format ~Make sure that you have plenty of current photographs of your child that could be used immediately if they were a victim of a child abduction. If your child has any birthmarks or identifiable scars, etc. take photos of them as well - this is especially important if they are on their face or other areas of their body that people would typically see.

Consider varying your daily routines and habits. Do not take the same routes or go at the same time
on your regular errands. If you take your children to school, change that route as well.

Don't Wait to Call Police in an Emergency Call Police Immediately~ If you think that your child has been a victim of a child abduction, call the police immediately. Seconds literally count when a child is taken so don't waste time.

Remember you are your best resource for better safeguarding your family.
Stay alert, informed, and vigilant about personal-security issues.

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