Exclusive First Look! Just A Band's "82" album cover + tracklisting!

Yup, you read that right. ::KenyaChristian blog:: has got the exclusive first look at Just A Band's album cover for their sophomore album entitled "82." And boy what a creative album cover, I really love it! You don't see many creative Kenyan album covers frankly and I'm glad that Just A Band are trying something different with theirs. Their first album cover was really cool, but I think this one is even cooler. Definitely one of the best Kenyan album covers yet! Just A Band's latest album is scheduled to be released soon, so keep it here for more info.

Here exclusively too is the tracklisting for the new album. It is set to feature artists such as Juliani(wooo!), Bien Baraza & Wambua Mitaru(yes that's Sarah Mitaru's small sis).

01 Save My Soul 3:41
02 Ha-He 3:56
03 Extra 4:08
04 Kaa Ridho (with Juliani & Bien Baraza) 3:52
05 Migingo Express 3:32
06 Usinibore 4:12
07 Sunrise 4:52
08 Huff + Puff 4:55
09 Uko Mbele 4:37
10 Forever People 4:41
11 Stay (with Wambura Mitaru) 3:40
12 BoogieDeeBweet 4:16
13 Tingiza Kichwa 6:39

Keep it here for an exclusive interview with Just A Band where they talk about thir new album 82, their videos, their popularity plus more! I'm out for, now....


  1. Glad you like it, Frank.

    The Band.

  2. Glaahh....(sound of fan chocking in anticipation)
    I so heart these guys.
    I haven't even shibad Scratch to Reveal, and there be more stuff on the horizon...

  3. Yes it's a GREAT album cover! Do you know if they did the artwork themselves? I hear that one of the members (Dan) does the work.

    Holli in Ghana

  4. i saw the artwork on the blog of jim chuchu's site. think he did it.



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