Meet the Kenyan in America's Next Top Model

Here is an interview with Sandra Nyanchoka, one of the 12 finalists chosen to appear in Tyra Bank's hit show America's Next Top Model. Those who win this show go on to become world class supermodels.

If you are in America, you can catch the show which began airing on the CW Network, Wednesdays @ 8ET/7C. Go Sandra, Go Kenya!


  1. Anonymous8/3/09 03:04

    Even tho im rooting for Sandra to go far in the competition,her attitude in the show put me off completely.I hope she changes coz with that attitude she wont go far.

  2. Anonymous10/3/09 05:11

    i totally agree, i watched the primiere (spelling?) show and she totally turned me off, kuna venye people in the house already hate her, seriously she needs to stop, but .. she`s got potential.

  3. Anonymous13/3/09 06:17

    Are u kiddin'?you say you love swahili and you even can't spell it correctly!!!Are embarrased of your roots,you didn't say what your tribe was.Anyway all the best.Go!go!go!


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