Just A Band working on new album.

from their facebook

Just A Band - Back in the Studio!

Our house is abuzz once more - we're back in the studio to record our
second album - which will be titled 82. If you're wondering why it'll be called
82, it's because 1982 was an extremely good year. Sample this:

10th - Syzygy, all 9 planets aligned on the same side of the Sun.
July 6 -
the longest lunar eclipse of the 20th century occurs (umbral duration 236min).
August 17 - The first compact discs (CDs) are released to the public in
September 19 - The first emoticons are posted by Scott Fahlman.
October 1 - Sony launches the first consumer compact disc player (model
October 12 - The Double Stuff Oreo is first sold. Mmmmm.
November 30 - Michael Jackson releases Thriller, the biggest selling album
of all time.
December 4 - The People's Republic of China adopts its current

Also, the three of us were born. :)

More on the
album as we go.

By the way, thanks guys for calling my review the "coolest yet!" and featuring it.

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