"Mr.Lewis Can't Lose!"

I am an avid follower of Formula 1 racing, and the debut of rookie sensation Lewis Hamilton last year has made the sport all the more interesting. As the first black F1 driver, he came close to winning a championship last year and has almost single-handedly revived interest in the sport after Ferrari-M.Schumachers years of domination. While most of my peers will be watching the latest English Premier League soccer or American Football game, I will be watching to see if Mr.Hamilton can make history. Last year Lewis was one race short of winning the championship but squandered it at the last minute. This year he is just two races away from grabbing the drivers championship again! Although I am a Lewis fan, he can be frustrating at times as he makes rookie mistakes when under pressure. Like this year he was 7pts ahead as of the last race,but made rookie errors and ended up 12th. I was about to pull my hair out! With just Brasil and China races to go and him 5pts ahead, can he keep his cool and become the firrst black F1 champion? I think it would just be great for him and Obama to be making history at the same time.

Can Mr. Hamilton do it this go-round? I will be up at 3amET Sunday morning watching the Shanghai Grand Prix.

Remaining races:
19th Oct - Shanghai GP (7a GMT)
02 Nov - Brasil GP (4p GMT)
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