Kanjii releases new single,"Just A Man."

This is the new single from Kanjii Mbugua from his upcoming 13-track solo debut album "Stories" to be released in November. Enjoy!

Kanjii Mbugua - "Just A Man"

The video will be shot this Friday, look out for the pics coming soon.

(Edit: Description -“In every man lies the opportunity to impact thousands of human beings…that impact begins with this revelation…I’m just a man”- Kanjii

‘Just A Man’ is the first single off Kanjii’s debut solo album - Stories (to be launched in November 2008). This 13 track album is a collection of everyday narratives musically woven from a Kanjii perspective.

The story in ‘Just A Man’ is told through a man’s eyes. An articulation of the various challenges he faces in life: from the value of a father’s affirmation and assertion of his love for his son; to the task of providing for his wife and children.

It mirrors many of the men in society today. Men who are caught up in the rat race and scheming their way up the corporate ladder seeking to become more than a man.

‘Just A Man’ is ultimately about acknowledging the past and getting free from the weights, pressures and expectations that may have defined you.
On one hand, it’s a good idea to accept yourself for who you are. On the other, you must set goals and aim for something even better than what you already experience now. It’s all about balancing self-acceptance versus the drive to grow and improve oneself.

It’s about accepting that you give it your best, trust the good Lord for the rest and rest assured in the fact that you are just a man.")

Props to Kijiji


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