Earth to be eaten by a black hole soon?

Could earth be swallowed soon by some black holes and we won't even realize what happened? While some of us are looking to the Middle East to determine how much the doomsday clock has moved,there is a possiblity armageddon may come not in the form of a nuclear exchange in the Holy Land, but from a laboratory on the Swiss-French border! This could happen sooner than we think as scientists tinker with the LHC(Large Hadron Collider). This machine could create a shower of black holes that would grow big enough to swallow up earth as we know it! Ahhhhhhhh, run for your lives! When this black hole forms, earth will first be flattened into a disk and jets of radiation will shoot out into space from both poles as we shrink into a black hole of a few millimeters in size. The LHC is a massive device created to observe the conditions of the Universe at the tiniest fractions of time after the Big Bang, and also to better understand the cosmos. There has already been a case filed to stop this experiment before earth is crushed into nothing! So, what should we do. Petition the U.N to stop these crazy scientists from squishing all us in their quest for knowledge? Cross our fingers in the hopes that being stretched through a black hole won't be too painful? Stock up on crackers and water? By the way they recently turned on the device....Gasp!!

O.K,...don't panic, I didn't mean to scare you. Supposedly there is no need to fear. Even if the remote chance of a black hole being created did occur, the black hole would be so miniscule and hot that it would evaporate before you knew it was there! So don't turn into chicken littles, we are still safe.... for now. Now where did I put that those flashlight batteries?

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  1. Some physicists who re-examined Hawking Radiation have determined that micro black holes might not evaporate. Their papers conclude:

    "black holes do not radiate"[1]

    "the effect [Hawking Radiation] does not exist."[2]

    "infinitely delayed Hawking radiation" [3]

    If recent papers are correct, and the Large Hadron Collider creates slow moving micro black holes, then Earth's lifespan might be greatly reduced.

    [1] Do black holes radiate?. Prof. Dr. Adam Helfer (2003)

    [2], On the existence of black hole evaporationyet again, Prof. VA Belinski (2006)

    [3] Abraham-Solution to Schwarzschild Metric Implies That CERN Miniblack Holes Pose a Planetary Risk, Prof. Dr. Otto Rossler (2008)


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