DSTV launches African Gospel channel!

The South African based DSTV satellite service recently launched an 24-hour African Gospel Channel called One Gospel. Channel 331 one went on air on 4th November 2007 and is set to feature East-African and other African Gospel music. The show which is to be based in Kenya has a wide array of shows that include the Day Show which airs on weekdays and is hosted by Lasieku Shampiro. Other shows include Feel the Vibe, Behind the Music, and On The Mic,the latter hosted by Naomi Theuri and featuring open-mic sessions.

The show My Top 10 gives different people a chance to host the show for a day, and select their own Top 10 to be aired on the show. Playlist, is a request show and Teen Gospel Live is hosted by actress Carly Fields together with KTV's Roxy Burger and YOTV's Selae Thobakgale. Teen Gospel Live will air interviews with Gospel personalities, SMS and internet sessions and prize shows

The show Joy will be a 45 minute session airing live Gospel music performances from around the world. Witness is a show that will get up-close and personal with your favorite Gospel artists through interviews and is to be hosted by S.A's Avis Dlamini. As if that wasn't enough other shows will include In His Footsteps, Behind the Vision and Know The Word. Event Horizon is a show that will investigate miracles that occur around Africa, and Morning Mix shall start off your day right with some joyous Gospel music.

One thing is for sure, One Gospel has been long overdue on DSTV and if you did not have a satellite subscription before, this channel showcasing the best of African Gospel should give you enough reason to get that dish.


  1. Hey Frank

    Interesting to see your blog on ONE Gospel. I am one of the producers of TEEN Gospel Live and I have been checking your blog to get an idea of the Christian Gospel scene in Kenya. Thanks for the support!


  2. Hi Wendy,

    Thankyou for the comments, they are appreciated. I will certainly be updating you all on the happenings in the Gospel scene not just in Kenya but around the globe..but of course Africa is where my heart lies. Keep visiting the blog and inform others about it when you can.
    Also exclusives from One Gospel are always appreciated :)
    All the best with TEEN Gospel Live, keep me abreast of all the happenings. My contact is kubambakrew@hotmail.com


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