K-Krew at Hope FM - Dec 2006

K-Krew's Kubamba Radio must have now seen its fair share of drama. Barely a month after the krew was "kicked out" of Hope FM for among other things (lets put the record here straight guys!) being "too liberal" on air, the krew is back at the station! This ends the weeks of speculation that "kubambanatics" have been having over the real reason why they left the station. The krew will be on this Saturday the 10th of Feb 2007(frm 6-10pm GMT+3). You can also listen to Hope FM online here According to shoutcast (that's what they are using to stream the station online), they have a simultaneous peak listenership of 100.


  1. Anonymous8/9/07 18:22

    hi guyz!its nao,kinyua,june & kamah from makadara NB:not madaraka!we r
    patriotic.Tunawafeel videadly!& apreciate your ministry vibaya.We vote 4 soxy(4 votes).Moz!pliz just 4
    leo ;reduce your "lexical density "
    & tweng!We luv U guyz.Special holaz
    2 joghonah !Fanatics.


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