O.K, O.K, I know this is coming a bit late. Yes, they have been back for about the past three months or so..... The Souljahz that is. But they are are finally and thankfully back. This time as The Washington Projects. As you can see in the picture it is just Jakob and Rachel Washington. Yup, Josh is gone....I guess it was cause of label problems but in any case I'm sure he'll be fine wherever he is as he continues to trust in God. They are under a new label and I guess they should be releasing a new album soon. They're new music and lyrics are definetely sounding as good as ever. To chat with them and get updates, just visit Their website will be up soon.

See y'all!


  1. The Washington Projects are gonna be the best thing to hit 2007. They have a better situation then before looks like. I am glad they got away from WB/Word Ent. Seems like they were holding them from the top spot. THEY ARE BACK.


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