Maybe you believe the "theory" of evolution is based on fact. But the truth is the philosophy is literally filled with more gaps than can be counted. It is filled with the language of speculation as can be seen in this video. Just because they wear white lab coats and hav Phd after their names doesnt mean they speak the truth.


  1. I'm yet to see you Bible thumpers attempt to come up with anything relevant to the state of life as we know it....

  2. I think this exercise would be more effective if they people being interviewed were real experts in the evolution theory. These were people just spewing out answers about a subject that they minimaly know or understand.

    Am sure if christians were asked deep questions about what and why they belive they would flounder al over the place.

    Evolution vs Intelligent Design debate demands more than this clip - the questions were really bordering on absurd.

    I wish there was more substance in their endeavor. Then it would have been more helpful in what they are trying to acheive.

    Compare this with Ravi Zacharia's or Josh McDowell works on the subject.


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