Review of “The Gospel” movie:

Since I enjoy reviewing movies,music, books ( my head), I decided this time I shall write my review of the movie "The Gospel" that I watched last night. Directed by Rob Hardy, the movie revolves around David, (Boris Kodjoe of Soul Food fame) who is the son of a pastor. Just as he is being groomed into the ministry by his father, his beloved mother dies and he is devastated. Blaming it on his father, he abandons the ministry and goes on his own. Many years later as David burgeons into an R&B sex symbol, he learns that his father is terminally ill. He decides to return (a la The Prodigal Son, which the movie is based upon) and patch things up with his dying father and while there bumps heads with an egotitiscal minister (played by Idris Elba) who set is to take over the ministry from his father.
The movie is quite well directed and family friendly, though there is a questionable scene where David kisses a love interest on the first date, not to mention that she is still married (though seperated). The gospel message presented also seems to be quite shallow although not terribly so. The best part about the film though is the enjoyable soundtrack, which if you enjoy black choir gospel music like I do, you’ll certainly enjoy this. It features artists such as Yolanda Adams with her excellent “Victory”, Fred Hammond, music by Kirk Franklin, Tamyra Gray and “new” artist Martha Munizzi who is one to watch. Although in the movie you can tell that Boris is lip synching, this doesn’t distract too much from the music itself. Overall its an enjoyable movie for all races and faces and a good DVD to rent.


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