Kenyan Poet Show - January 2013

The Kenyan Poet Show is back!..after a short hiatus:) 
About the January show: The year 2012 was one of the most memorable ones for music lovers in Kenya with the most ecstatic lot being the Neo-Soul lovers. This year saw the most notable list of live performances by artists in different genres, a promise of better things to come. Artists such as Erykah Badu, Jah Cure, James Ingram, Johnny Gill, Akon, Donnel Jones, Joe and Incognito are among those who held  concerts in Nairobi.
As we start off the year 2013, we look back at the new artists and new music that made the year 2012 such a memorable one. Full list and videos can be found on the blog

Listen here:  Kenyan Poet Show - January 2013


  1. Anonymous13/1/13 18:17

    Just recently discovered P4CM and this blog. Sold hook, line and sinker. Hope I'm welcome


  2. You are very welcome. Karibu!


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