Music Seen! Eric Roberson - "Mister Nice Guy"

   Every time I feel I’m about to lose hope in the R&B/soul genre there appears an artist that helps restore my faith and keeps me wanting to return to a music genre that was once so great. An artist who has paid his dues from the church to the stage, Eric Roberson has definitely put in work; the results are evidence of this. I had never heard of Eric Roberson until I saw his name pop up here and there late last year on music blogs. He released his album “Mister.Nice Guy” in late 2011 to a lot of acclaim and I decided to check him out. I was impressed by what I heard and so decided to review his albums just to put you folks out there on this cat. So, enough talk lets delve into the album.

Eric Roberson’s album opens up with the title song “Mr.Nice Guy,” a lovely and honest song about how hard it is to be a gentleman in this day and age. With media and entertainment giving young men the impression that being a player, womanizer and overall bad boy is the way to get the beautiful ladies. At sone point he contemplates the other road, ”maybe I should…never complement her, or never call her back or be late all the time,” but he realizes there is a bigger reward “nah, I need to just keep on looking, a nice girl is hard to find..” Eric Roberson gives us a refreshing reminder that ultimately it’s okay for dudes to wait for the right woman, something we don’t really hear much in urban music nowadays.

There is the groovy track called “Summertime” featuring old-school rapper Chubb Rock. This song really works and you can just imagine yourself playing this on a hot summer-day backyard cookout with your peoples. Eric took a risk featuring a relatively forgotten rapper like Chubb Rock a guest spot on this one when he could have gone the easy route with a more current popular rapper, but the song end ups working out. The album is not perfect, there “Come with Me” which while a good positive song, is just one of those middl- album cuts that keeps the album moving.

On “Picture Perfect” Mr.Roberson again reminds us why he is not your average R&B artist. Vocally Eric Roberson ensures that he gets it right, and he enters Musiq Soulchild-talent category. Lyrically it is good..”girl you are picture-perfect, I couldn’t draw you better babe,” any lady would be impressed I would think. Eric Roberson talks about fidelity in relationships on “Shake Her hand,” reminding those with a roving eye to not take it too far, keep it respectful and faithful. It’s better to “walk way,” Wise words.

Mister Nice Guy is a very solid R&B album, and Eric Roberson has definitely made an impression with this album. By the way all those who are insecure in their relationships need to peep “How Would I Feel,” I mean the dude just has the correct advice, he should have a relationship column. This is a good album for the lady and guy in a relationship, or looking for that special someone. It has mature themes, but is still family friendly. The album is listenable beginning to end, the production is good. Lyrically it is not outstanding which prevents me giving it full marks, but it is definitely not weak either. Vocally, what can I say the man has got it.
Eric Roberson is an R&B talent who should not be overlooked. If you like R&B, this is a definite recommendation, you won’t regret it.

::KCBlog:: rating 4.5/5 stars

"If as they say, nice guys finish last, Eric Roberson shows us that they finish really well! Big up!"


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